HP4 & HP5-3G Professional Blue Phone

New 4th Generation Blue Phone HP4 -01 and HP4-3G-01

The only emergency call telephone that is Australian Standard AS4607 Compliant also being Australian made and supported. Backed by more than 30 years experience and knowhow by Smart Caller Pty Ltd, manufacturers of nurse call systems. The HP4 Blue Phone is NBN compatible and 3G cellular back up (or primary) reporting of alarms is available in the HP4-3G-01 model.

This is a premium product offering a very affordable all in one solution for providing emergency call to ILU residents and peace of mind for village operators. Blue Phone also incorporates propriety safety back up features called “Voice Messaging as a Back Up” and “Call Back Integrity” which are unique to Blue Phone. These will allow alarm calls to be received even when a host computer is inoperable or a carer neglects to respond to an alarm call.

Emergency Call Features & Benefits

  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Exceeds Aged Care Standard AS4607
  • On-Site or Off-Site monitoring
  • Suits Professional or Family monitoring
  • NBN Fibre connection compatible
  • Smart-Dialler under-phone Dialler alternative
  • Loud high quality Alarm2-way voice contact
  • Protocols to suit all monitoring centres
  • Auto call escalation to ensure carer response
  • Voice Messaging as an Alarm Back-Up
  • Inbuilt ‘call back integrity’ to ensure contact
  • Easy to self install and maintain
  • Smoke detection and reporting to care staff
  • 48 independent wireless alarm inputs
  • 9 hard-wired inputs (option via Multicode-09)
  • Daily OK -‘Inactivity Monitoring’
  • Voice reminders for important matters
  • Pill Reminder – Easy to Use
  • Answer & hang-up via wireless pendant
  • Auto and manual battery status checking
  • Mode 3 secure (protected) connection
  • Voice warnings for low battery, line-down etc.
  • Built in home security intrusion alarm system
  • 80 Hour constant charge battery backup
  • Comprehensive remote programming capability

User Features & Benefits

  • Brisling with latest Speakerphone user features
  • A phone that is simple and uncomplicated to use
  • Designed for the Older and/or Frail Residents
  • LCD screen with caller ID, time/day display
  • Photo-fit Speed dialling & phone book
  • Desk or Wall mounting
  • Extremely loud two-way Speaker-Phone
  • Extra loud ringer (selectable)
  • Handset volume boost
  • Hearing aid induction loop in handset
  • Talking day and real time clock
  • Optioned sounding of dial key numbers
  • Easy to self install and maintain

Home Security & Invasion Duress Blue

Phone also has a built in home security system to identify and report intrusion. Similarly it is able to silently generate duress calls with voice surveillance in the event of home invasion or domestic violence. A full range of security sensors is available to accommodate almost any hostile event or

environment including Intrusion, Smoke, Heat, Gas and Flood Detectors. The Home and Away (Arm/Disarm) functions can be activated via the key pad or by a special remote key-ring pendant.

Voice Messaging & Call Back Integrity

Voice Messaging as a Back-Up is an excellent back-up facility for situations where the Blue Phone is being monitored ‘On-Site’ or ‘Off -Site’. If the monitoring terminal is inactive and unable to receive an alarm call, Blue Phone will escalate the alarm and deliver the alarm call directly to the carer’s mobile or fixed land line phone. The alarm can be delivered in the form of a voice message identifying the resident, then connect the carer with the resident via Blue Phone’s 2-way loud speaker phone facility. With on site monitoring this means a village manager  does not have to worry if the site experiences a prolonged power failure or computer fault disabling the host computer. Call Back Integrity is similarly a system to ensure the organization’s‘ duty of care obligations whereby, if an alarm call is successfully received but not responded to within a predetermined time, Blue Phone will recognize this problem and will generate another alarm call. It will then escalating to the next dial up number until responded to or all dial up destinations are exhausted. Back-up dial up numbers would include voice messaging to the carer’s mobile phone or even as a last resort the 000 Emergency services. Without these two features, modern emergency call devices are simply inadequate.

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