IP Hardwired Nurse Call System


The ‘BlueLine-IP’ Hardwired Nurse Call System provides a modern Ethernet based nurse call solution for low, high and dementia care facilities of all sizes.

BlueLine-IP is fully compliant with Australian Standard AS3811 and provides the highest level of reliability and functionality at a very competitive price.

Being a ‘plug-and-play’ system concept, installation is fast and simple which makes this system ideal for provincial and export applications. The system is fully operational and tested prior to despatch to site. Remote access also assures the client of trouble free technical and operational support, also remote access qualifies the client for comprehensive 3 year system warranty.

Blue Line offers a flawless solution for either new Greenfield installations or existing system extensions. When cables cannot be easily or cost effectively installed the system will work seamlessly in conjunction with components of the BlueLine ISM Long Range Wireless System. Irrespective of deploying hard-wired Nodes or ISM long range wireless Nodes the end results are identical in terms of functionality, operational requirements, reporting facilities and reliability.

All nodes and call points are polled and monitored continuously by the Winwatch Software program which provides unprecedented levels of reporting parameters required to satisfy healthcare professionals and accreditation teams.

The Call Points

Call point buttons are soft touch and backlit. Made with anti fungal, anti bacterial silicon material they also have brail inscription for residents with sight impairment.

All bedside and communal area call points are fitted with a wireless receiver allowing remote activation by a wireless pendant or other wireless accessories. These typically include bed and door exit sensors. The wireless trigger ensures that bedside locations are uncluttered by cables and plug-packs.

Every call point irrespective of it being a master call-point or low cost slave has the ability to generate an ASSIST call by simply pressing the call and cancel buttons simultaneously however dedicated Assist points are also available.

A wide range of portable accessory items such as bed exit PIRs, floor mats, bed wet and a range of corded pendants can also be used with this range of call points.

High Care/Acute Care

The Minder System comprises miniature curtain PIRs and/or other sensors to detect out of bed, out of room or ensuite entry. This easily affordable system is armed and disarmed via an aesthetically pleasing switch plate just outside the resident’s door. Resident Ensuite overstay and pacing monitoring is also possible.

Converting a low care room into a high care room is easily achieved by utilising our range of portable wireless and hardwired monitors. These can become permanent fixtures or remain portable for future redeployment in another room.

Processing Alarm (and other) call traffic

Call traffic is instantly recorded and dispatched to the programmed selection of display devices such as Annunciator displays, pagers and DECT, WiFi and GSM mobile phones. Wide ranging call-repeat, escalation and reporting facilities may be deployed to ensure duty of care obligations.

Winwatch Nurse Call Software

Refer to “Winwatch Software and Integration to gain an understanding of the boundless possibilities and innovative features and reporting possibilities all made readily available from this comprehensive software program.

Summary of Features and Benefits:

  • Fast and trouble free Plug & Play installation
  • Single platform suits Outreach, Village, Low Care, High Care & OH&S applications
  • Industrial quality solid state Server – Certified 6 year MTBF (Failure Rating)
  • Battery monitoring and management for Head-end and Nodes for added reliability
    Call-points have large soft touch anti-bacterial, anti-fungal silicon back-lit buttons
  • Every call point includes ‘Staff Assist’ by pressing call and cancel simultaneously
  • Expand and upgrade existing sites inexpensively using choice of hardwired and RF nodes
  • Comprehensive technical and operational support via remote access ‘Help Line’
  • ‘Minder’ Low cost and transportable dementia specific room monitoring facilities
  • Backward Compatibility to Existing Systems
  • Three year warranty as proof of reliability (Remote Access required)
  • Personal Tracking & Location plus other desirable Options
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