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Message from the CEO

Smart-Caller is proudly Australian owned and operated delivering Australian designed and manufactured products and plug-and-play systems to the Australian and overseas aged and healthcare markets.

Being plug-and-play our systems are easy to install and maintain which is ideal particularly for the export markets.

The allied Smart-Caller NZ Ltd. company provides a high level of support to the New Zealand customer base.

Established in March 1980 Smart-Caller has since become a provider of one-stop healthcare communications solutions, providing professional consultation and high-quality solutions for Emergency Call Facilities to customers in Nursing Homes, Retirement Villages, Hospitals, Domestic Self Care and Industry. Smart-Caller has a cumulative customer base in excess of 3,000 clients.

About Us Smart Caller- Nurse call systems and accessories.

Smart-Caller’s Vision

To build on its enriched 41 years of experience by continuing ongoing research and development and to further strengthen its strategic alliances with companies having supportive background in order to further enhance product and system development and integration for local and world markets.

The BlueLine series of systems includes ISM (Industrial, Scientific & Medical) supervised long range wireless and/or true IP Nurse Call systems thereby also allowing the benefit of hybrid solutions. This includes the ability for nursing and carer staff along with residents or patients to carry long range wrist, necklace or pocket clip personal transmitters.

In recent years we have added the benefits of Bluetooth-LE (BLE) technology whereby the IP and/or ISM nurse call infrastructures can also accommodate the BLE Beacon/Locator plug-and-play modules. This along with the range of BLE wearables and asset tags provides an important additional RTLS infrastructure which will also support Duress, Presence, Falls Detection and ‘Wanderer’ safe containment.

Paul Long – CEO and Founder

Paul is the CEO and Founder of Smart-Caller. He is ably assisted by his son Tim (Managing Director) and grand daughter Indigo.

Paul is still active as the organization’s leader, working closely with his management, sales and technical staff to ensure Smart-Caller remains the innovator and leader in emergency communication products and services.

Paul has a long and diverse history in radio engineering, management and communication system design and implementation. His expertise stems from his previous senior management role with a large multinational electronics company followed by his 40+ years leadership as the founder of his company, Smart-Caller.

Smart-Caller Products and Systems

Smart-Caller has a unique position in the industry whereby it offers the choice of 4G Emergency call along with hard-wired and/or wireless products and systems each being Smart-Caller’s own proprietary designs and manufacture.

Whether large or small, a typical system design will often include a selection of all of those converging technologies to provide overall customer satisfaction. This includes the benefit of backward compatibility whilst also ensuring future-proofing to accommodate upgrade paths without obsolescence.

The various catalogues, technical bulletins white-pape articles and data sheets within this web site will further elaborate on the company’s claims to being a leading supplier of aged and health care products and systems.

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Request Technical Specification

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require additional information.