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Aged Care Accessories
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  • Aged Care Accessories

    Aged Care Accessories

    Smart Caller's comprehensive accessory items range consists of only trialled and tested products and brands including our own "Safe Life" range.
    Click below for the safe Life website.

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  • Independent Living Unit Systems

    Independent Living Unit Systems

    Solutions for Independent Living.


    Blue phone and dialler brochure

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  • IP Hardwired Nurse Call System

    IP Hardwired Nurse Call System

    The ‘BlueLine-IP’ Hardwired System provides a modern Ethernet based nurse call solution for low, high and dementia care facilities of all sizes.

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  • ISM Long Range Supervised Radio Systems

    ISM Long Range Supervised Radio Systems

    The BlueLine Long Range ISM wireless communication system utilises the most recent and advanced RF technology resulting in an extremely reliable and effective nurse call or emergency alerting system.

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  • Winwatch Monitoring Software and Integration

    Winwatch Monitoring Software and Integration

    The Winwatch software program provides a ‘single operating platform’ for the overall site monitoring requirements.

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  • Create Your Own

    Create Your Own

    • Blue Line IP Hardwired System
      Blue Line IP Hardwired System
    • and/or
    • 900MHz (ISM) Wireless Nurse Call System
      900MHz (ISM) Wireless Nurse Call System

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Welcome to Smart-Caller, the Nurse Call & Medical Alert Systems Specialists

Home Page

Nurse-call-systems-emergency-IP-Wireless-Smart-Caller Home Page

Nurse-call-systems-emergency-IP-Wireless-Smart-Caller Home Page

Smart Caller has designed and manufactured nurse call systems and medical alert systems to suit aged care applications since 1980. Today following the growing acceptance of IP (Internet Protocol) and 900Mhz wireless ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) wireless technologies we are able to offer the most flexible, affordable and reliable ‘Ageing-in-Place’ solutions.

The highly developed selective filtering options within our (Winwatch) nurse call system software program will automatically provide management with comprehensive reports. This facilitates the maintenance of ‘Resident Care-Plans’ whilst also assisting staff to function effectively and efficiently. Management’s ‘duty of care’ obligations can also be seen to have been observed via detailed staff performance reports.
Reliability has always been at the forefront of any Smart Caller nurse call system. Being a life saving system there is little tolerance for down time or costly service calls. Now using ‘Plug and Play’ techniques our nurse call systems are even more reliable, easy to install and maintain and are particularly suited to remotely located and overseas installations.

Retirement Villages have for many years installed Smart-Caller PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems). Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Blue-Phone and Smart-Dialler medical alarm devices have been specifically designed for use within retirement village and domestic independent Living Units (ILU). Our new portable PERS 3G pendant with docking station now offers an alternative or supplementary ‘Go Anywhere’ PERS solution.
Our extensive experience in creating total “Aging in Place” systems has understandably caused us to provide a comprehensive range of propriety and OEM Aged Care accessories. This range may be fully explored by visiting our alternative website

Health Care Solutions

  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Acute Care
  • Retirement Villages
  • Hospitals
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Duress Systems
  • RFID
  • Medical Centres
  • ISM 900 MHz Wirelessand IP Hard Wired Technologies
  • Wide range of Accessory devices

Why use Smart-Caller?

  • 35 years Experience
    Australian Made
  • Complete aging in place systems
  • Independent living through to acute care
  • Plug and Play easy to install
  • Reliable and low maintenance
  • Advanced software reporting software "Winwatch"
  • 24 hour service and back up
  • Plug and Play – Export Appropriate

Solutions We Offer

  • Wireless Nurse Call Systems
  • IP Hardwired Nurse Call Systems
  • Blue Line Systems
  • Smart Dialler
  • Emergency Call Systems
  • PERS – Personal Emergency Response Systems
  • Personal Emergency Pendants
  • 3G Emergency Call Systems
  • Medical Alert Systems
  • Emergency Buttons
  • GPS Emergency Trackers & Pendants

We are Located in:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Central Coast NSW
  • Brisbane
  • Cairns
  • Hervey Bay
  • Townsville
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • Hobart
  • ACT
  • All regional areas of Australia
  • Auckland New Zealand

Request Technical Specification

Request Technical Specification

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