Public & Commercial Building Duress & Emergency Call

The objective is to avoid injury or loss of life, and protection of assets by utilising the most appropriate technology and response. To achieve this, a careful evaluation and selection of solution is required.

SmartCaller - Wireless Systems


ISM Long range wireless
Bluetooth short range wireless
4G global access wireless

SmartCaller - Hardwired Systems


Basic point to point hardwired
IP over hardwired network
IP over fibre network

SmartCaller - Reporting Systems


Central monitoring response
Within premises response
000, 4G & family response

Industry & Public Locations


There’s a range of situations where a professional level of duty of care, monitoring and management exists within the commercial and public sectors.

Today this exists throughout most industries: commercial buildings, building construction sites, health and aged care facilities, special SRS & SDA accommodation, schools and universities, plus domestic situations, to name only a few.

We Provide Solutions For:

  • OH&S
  • Duress
  • Lone worker protection
  • Domestic abuse
  • Student welfare
  • Child care centres
  • Construction site welfare
  • Special accommodation facilities
  • Personal emergency alarm
  • & many more

Public, Institutional & Industrial Applications

Schools and Universities

  • Disabled toilets – emergency call points
  • Class room staff assist – ISM wireless pendants & fixed call points
  • Sick room call buttons – alert school Amin, ISM wireless & hardwired
  • Playground staff assist – ISM wireless pendants
  • University student location pendant alert – 4G/GPS pendants

Factories and Construction

  • Staff assist in factories & warehouses via ISM wireless & 4G/GPS
  • Worker protection on construction sites via ISM wireless & 4G/GPS

Public Buildings e.g., Libraries

  • Staff Assist – hardwired, ISM wireless and remote pendants
  • Vulnerable library users – remote pendants

Medical Centres and Day Centres

  • Patient and staff duress buttons – wireless pendants and fixed points
  • On-site carers. Visiting nurses and council workers
  • Help and panic buttons 4G/GPS pendants, falls detection, inactivity & Geo-fence reporting
  • Go anywhere – 4G SOS personal pendant,
    GPS location, falls detection
  • Silent running for duress alarm purposes
  • Pin-point incident location via google maps
  • Geofence hazardous location alerting
  • Bench/bedside docking station activation
  • Multiple destination SOS dialing
  • Transport and delivery driver protection

Request NDIS/SDA Technical Specification​

Request Technical Specification - NDIS

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require additional information.

Request Technical Specification

Request Technical Specification

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require additional information.