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Economical Nurse Call Systems for Smaller Facilities and Clinics

Smart-Caller has deployed its existing technologies to create a range of highly featured
small computerised & computer-less nurse call system solutions  for smaller clinics and NDIS SDA residential care facilities.

  • Medical Clinics
  • Day Surgeries
  • SRS (Supported Residential Accommodation)
  • SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation)
  • NDIS applications and Schools to name a few
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Long Range ISM Wireless Solution


System cabling can double the cost of a hardwired emergency call installation – even more if it’s installed in an existing building. Wireless technologies offer a low-cost solution for systems ranging from only a few call-points to over 200+.

The following brochure outlines an ISM wireless system that can be computer based or computer-less, the former only necessary if you have some sophisticated additional reporting or complex display requirements.

IP Hardwired Solution

This economical computer-controlled system will allow you to exploit significant additional system functionality. It also allows low-cost daisy-chain or branch cabling connection of fully featured IP Slave call-points, which can also include additional Bluetooth and infrared technologies.

It can also accommodate a much wider range of connected devices both for system input and output requirements. Where proof of “Duty of Care” is required, it can include comprehensive dashboard and graphic displays along with detailed activity reporting.

Being a small economical IP based system does not mean that its potential levels of functionality are limited.


NDIS/SDA Specific Communication System Designs


Specifications for SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) varies significantly between vendors of such special accommodation. However, Smart-Caller has wide experience supplying essential communication path/s throughout a range of differing Smart-Home systems configurations.

Another important aspect generally overlooked in planning a safe and efficient SDA call system design is to also recognise that the safety of the residents and the efficient operation of the system is largely dependent on the 24/7 “due-diligence” of the carer. He or she cannot be expected to spend that time continually staring at a screen within the carer’s apartment.

Remember that duty-of-care and due-diligence go hand-in-hand where each tends to ensure the other.

The disability accommodation system design must ensure prompt communication even when the carer is absent from care centre apartment.

The NDIS/SDA communication specification available by request draws attention to many design aspects that have been overlooked until now.

Basic-32 Hardwired Solution

Where a basic hardwired system does not require the complexities of computer control, activity reporting or wide-ranging display facilities, this system offers an extremely low-cost solution.

It can accommodate up to 32 call-point inputs going to one or more annunciator displays. As with all BlueLine systems, each call-point can also trigger a corridor light which can also identify the level of call priority.

One advantage of this system over an IP based system is its ability to have call-points located several hundred meters away, whereas all IP devices need shorter cable lengths – typically no more than 100M.


Request Technical Specification

Request Technical Specification

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Request NDIS/SDA Technical Specification​

Request Technical Specification - NDIS

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require additional information.