ISM Long Range Supervised Radio Systems


ISM WIRELESS NURSE CALL (ISM Industrial – Scientific – Medical)

The BlueLine Long Range ISM wireless communication system utilises the most recent and advanced RF technology resulting in an extremely reliable and effective nurse call or emergency alerting system.

Designed to suit aged care and wide ranging OH&S and building construction applications of any size this Long Range Wireless system is ideally suited to both Greenfield and existing sites where running cables would prove costly, inappropriate or impractical.

Residents call-points are identical in appearance and functional operation to those used within the alternative BlueLine-IP hard-wired system. They have anti bacterial and anti-fungal soft touch silicon buttons and are capable of generating Alarm, Cancel and Staff Assist calls. Again, like the hard-wired versions, they also deliver ‘Heartbeat’ pulses in order to monitor continuity of operation and connection.

A unique benefit of the BlueLine wireless call-point is its multichannel capability whereby it is able to dispatch a range of local events to the system head-end controller allowing specific identification and processing.

These ‘added function’ local call activation devices may be hard-wired to the call-point or delivered via separate short haul 304 MHz wireless trigger events.

BlueLine wireless call-points are Long Range transceivers which enjoy the benefits of instantaneous both-way supervised communication. This means that all calls originating from a call-point or other wireless device is acknowledged via a return call from one or more receiving and processing devices. A call is not considered to have been successfully delivered until acknowledged.

BlueLine wireless call-points feature Long Life Batteries. Call-points may be externally powered or may rely on their high capacity long life battery. Due to the technique of the call-points operating in a ‘sleep mode’ the resultant battery life can exceed 8 years. They will deliver regular low battery reports once the 80% battery capacity level is reached.

Frequency Hopping is yet another feature of the ISM BlueLine system. Communication difficulties are avoided by the system automatically ‘hopping’ to another frequency if interference is detected. Every effort has been made to provide the most reliable system possible.

The Monitoring Terminal – As with all Smart Caller monitoring terminals the Head End Server is a solid state rugged and small dimension SmartCom computer. It is powered from the nurse-call system’s 12v dc battery backed power supply and therefore requires no UPS computer system power back-up support.

Using a professional Microsoft embedded operating system a certified MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of 50,000 hours (Approx 6 years) provides more than adequate proof of reliability. See the section on “Winwatch Software” for detailed information on this powerful monitoring and call processing facility.

BlueLine-Wireless systems are available for large, small, computer based or computer-less applications. Enjoy the same low cost, reliability and performance when deploying a Smaller and/or non-computerised system being ideal suited for medical centres, construction sites and many dissimilar applications. Alternatively use BlueLine wireless components for sub-systems or site-wide wireless overlay.

High/Acute Care via multiple channel communication. Each call-point may be deployed as a multi-tasking device or room communications hub capable of providing up to 10 channels of communication to the head-end database for individual logging and call processing.

This allows low cost deployment of portable bed exit PIR sensors, monitored bed pads and floor mats, as are commonly used in a resident’s room. A wide range of such specialist aged care accessories are available from Smart Caller.


  • Specifically designed for Aged Care, Healthcare and OH&S requirements
  • Long Range exceeding 2Km point to point
  • Negligible installation costs – no wiring involved
  • Latest Transceiver ‘both-way’ ISM Technology
  • Frequency Hopping to avoid interference
  • Isolated from WiFi, DECT & Other Services
  • Long Life Battery Operation (8-10 years) or
  • Operates from external voltage supply
  • Back-lit ‘Call’ button (if externally powered)
  • Fully Supervised (Heartbeat monitoring)
  • Computer based and Computerless options
  • Call-points have Normal Call, Cancel + Staff Assist
  • Call-points have Wireless Trigger activation
  • 10-channel communication path to head-end
  • Accepts Plug-in Cord & Wireless Pendants
  • Over-Door (Corridor) Lights available
  • Includes Internal & External Staff Duress
  • Portable Dementia Room monitoring options
  • Wide range of smart Wireless Accessories
  • Mobicall Compatible for Overall Integration
  • Optimum flexibility with no cabling costs
  • High reliability with 3-Year Warranty
  • 36 years in Wireless & Nurse Call business
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