BlueLine-IP Hardwired
Nurse Call System

The ‘BlueLine-IP’ Hardwired Nurse Call System provides a modern Ethernet based nurse call solution for high to low level nurse call, dementia and acute care, as well as health and aged care facilities of all sizes.

The system is designed to satisfy all levels of priority alerting including: nurse call, presence, staff assist, emergency and duress. Where required, the system also accommodates the need for safe containment of persons and assets via the optional RTLS (Real Time Location System) add-on technology.

SmartCaller - Facility Systems


Australian design and manufacture
Meets accreditation requirements
Affordable and cost-effective

SmartCaller - Wireless and Hardwired Systems


Call-points function as ‘’Communication Hubs”
Hard-wired & wireless inputs
Optional Bluetooth RTLS

SmartCaller - Reporting Systems


Comprehensive reporting capability
Dashboard overview monitoring
Incident ‘’Drill-Down” features

See How it Works

The system video provides a visual overview and scope of the BlueLine-IP nurse call system showing its many and varied attributes and capabilities.

An important system design objective was to allow for the Bluetooth add-on functionality to be retrofitted to existing call-points. This allows a ‘Future Ready’ plug-and-play add-on facility, should site requirements or changes to accreditation demands dictate.

System Overview

BlueLine-IP-Hardwired-Nurse-Call-System - system overview
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Complies with all relevant Australian/New Zealand standards
  • Internet Protocol system bringing ‘True’ IP to each location
  • Seamless hybrid use of ISM Wireless call-points and pendants
  • Optional latest Bluetooth-LE inclusion with IoT benefits
  • Comprehensive RTLS options
  • Wanderer safe containment options
  • Dementia specific room management and monitoring
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • SQL Server controlled dashboard monitoring capability
  • Scheduled reports delivered on time by email
  • Drill-down and report on specific matters of interest
  • Economical, reliable & bristling with Future Ready add-on capability

Key Benefits of the BlueLine-IP System

An important benefit over other systems is a BlueLine call-point’s ability to function as a multitasking communications hub exploiting the benefits of many leading technologies. This allows independent identification, logging, displaying and reporting of multiple unrelated requirements within each room or location.

For example, a balcony door or window can raise an alarm if opened at night or left open at bedtime. There are numerous situations requiring independent monitoring, the most common of which is the bed exit alert for those that are frail and require assistance.

  • Call-points have multiple hard-wired auxiliary inputs
  • Also have multiple 304Mhz local wireless inputs
  • Unique system identity for all call-point connected devices
  • Optional Bluetooth insert for communication with wearables
  • Optional site-wide RTLS/presence/duress & falls capability
  • All call-points have Call, Cancel & Staff Assist capability
  • Integral infection control safeguards & braille assistance
  • Door wanderer/asset protection within call-point design
BlueLine-IP-Hardwired-Nurse-Call-System - key benefits.jpg

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