3G Safe Life Emergency Pendant with GPS & Two Way Voice Contact


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Irrespective of the application being a Farmer working his tracker in the field or an aged resident having absconded from safe perimeter containment or perhaps a staff member visiting domestic residents at night, this low cost personal tracking device will identify the location of that person within approximately 15M. This is achieved by use of a combination of GPS and GSM technologies. The Safe life pendant has excellent GPS locating.

The tracker is effectively a mobile phone with inbuilt GPS satellite navigation positioning capabilities.

The Safe-Life Pendant operates by SIM card.

The SIM card with its identifiable phone number will send an SMS to up to 5 emergency contacts in the event that the SOS button is pressed.

The emergency contacts will receive the SMS “SOS HELP”.

The message can be programmed to display the name of the person.

Within this message Smart phone recipients will also receive an internet hyperlink which once opened can identify the location of the person requiring assistance within an approximate 15 meters.

The first recipient to call into the pendant will receive voice to voice communication via the pendants excellent speaker and microphone.

SIM cards are available from Smart Caller, however plans and monetary credit must be provided by the user.

This model can also be monitored by a professional 24/7 monitoring service.

To purchase the Safe Life Pendant on Line visit www.safelife.com.au 





The Safe Life Pendant is now easier to use than ever.

The Safe Life pendant now comes complete with a bedside docking station.


The docking station will show a low lit LED light when the unit has power, The LED will illuminate brighter once the pendant is inserted for charging.

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