Bed-Exit, Chair Exit And Floor Mat Sensor Controller


This low cost monitor is an optional accessory for floor sensor mat use but is essential for a bed and chair exit sensors. The A-SL-HMON can be powered by a 9v battery (included) or by power pack.

The monitor has a default reset which requires the two buttons on the side of the monitor to be pressed simultaneously. This allows for fewer residents to attempt to reset the alarm, programmable alarm delay adjustment and volume control for the audible alert it also includes an adjustable time delay which is useful for limiting false alarm calls. It also includes a socket for connection to the bedside call-point. For operation through the nurse call system an A-GCORD is required.

The monitor has a temporary disarm which allows for a resident to be moved from a bed or chair by the carer without activating an alarm or making a noise.

The monitor comes complete with a protective rubber case and 3 mounting arrangements.

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