Questions and Answers

My Mother lives with us but out the back in a Granny flat. Have you got anything that will allow her to contact me in the house if she requires my assistance. She doesn't want to waste money on phoning me each time.
My husband has dementia and at night gets out of bed to go to the toilet but then forgets why he got up and has an accident. Is there anything that can help me wake up as he gets up?
My daughter suffers from epilepsy and my husband and I are unable to sleep at night worrying if she has a fit. What product would you suggest?
My father lives with us. He continually gets up during the night and wanders the house and only goes to bed when I get up and tell him to. We are both getting exhausted from restless nights. Is there anything you can suggest.
The family goes to work and I have to go shopping and leave Mum alone at home for short periods of time. I need to know if she falls or needs help. I, and most of the family have mobile phones but Mum would not know how to phone me if she was distressed.