Questions and Answers

My Mother lives with us but out the back in a Granny flat. Have you got anything that will allow her to contact me in the house if she requires my assistance. She doesn't want to waste money on phoning me each time.
Our ‘Home-Care-Pager-Kit’ would be perfect for your situation. It contains two call buttons that can either be wall mounted or on a lanyard around the neck. When either button is pushed the pager lets you know she requires assistance. At only $85.00(GST free as it is a genuine Medical Alert device) + delivery it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and will save on your phone bill!
My husband has dementia and at night gets out of bed to go to the toilet but then forgets why he got up and has an accident. Is there anything that can help me wake up as he gets up?
You could have either a bed exit pad kit or a floor mat kit. Either will emit an alarm once he gets up from bed. However if you get the floor mat this can be moved during the day, for example at the front door to let you know if he leaves the house. These are available in either hardwired or wireless. Hardwired is less expensive and as you are in the same room it would be the better option. The wireless bed pad or floor mat would be more beneficial to someone sleeping in another room as there are no wires and they could have the monitor that emits the alarm in their room.
My daughter suffers from epilepsy and my husband and I are unable to sleep at night worrying if she has a fit. What product would you suggest?
Our Seizure Alert Monitor would be perfect for you. It is highly sensitive and sends a wireless signal to a hallway alarm that has a range of 50m. It will give you peace of mind even when you are asleep.
My father lives with us. He continually gets up during the night and wanders the house and only goes to bed when I get up and tell him to. We are both getting exhausted from restless nights. Is there anything you can suggest.
Extract from Doctor Stu’s blog: “A bad night’s sleep can really wreck your day. Disturbed sleep is an unfortunate eventuality of the ageing process is a disturbance in normal sleeping patterns. When the BIME team were faced with an elderly man who often woke in the night to wander – the medical engineers set about devising a solution. They built sensors in the legs of his bed and then created a device to give a friendly voice prompt reminding him to return to bed.

The results were dramatic and his carers were amazed. Thanks to this remarkably simple innovation, this gentleman’s daytime wellbeing improved dramatically – he could think and perform better and needed less care.”

We have hardwired bed or floor pads that trigger an alarm on a monitor. One of our monitors (BMV-01) has the ability for you to record a message that will be activated whenever your father gets up from bed. That should halt his night time wanderings and give you both a better night sleep.

The family goes to work and I have to go shopping and leave Mum alone at home for short periods of time. I need to know if she falls or needs help. I, and most of the family have mobile phones but Mum would not know how to phone me if she was distressed.
Our Blue Phone would be perfect for you. It works just like a normal phone but comes with a pendant that your Mum can wear around the neck. Waterproof and lightweight it doesn’t need to be taken off. All she has to do if distressed is to press the button on the pendant and the phone will start dialing the numbers you have programmed. It will keep dialing numbers until someone answers the phone and presses a button allowing that person to have a two way conversation with your mother.