Safe Life Pendant for ILUs

The Safe Life Pendant is a 3Gg Emergency call device with voice contact and GSP positioning that can be used anywhere Telstra 3G cellular coverage is available. Weighing just 34grams and being water proof the Safe Life Pendant is a good option for those who live independently within a retirement village environment or their original family home.


Simply pressing and holding the SOS button for 3 seconds until the pendant beeps and vibrates will generate an SMS alarm message to summons help. The responders will receive this personalised text message which will also contain the Safe Life Pendants GPS co-ordinates. On any Smart Phone simply tapping the co-ordinates will show where the resident is located via Google maps. Now the responding party can call into the Safe Life Pendant which will answer automatically placing the responder in two way voice contact with the resident. All the resident has to do is press the SOS button.

The Docking station makes every day use of the pendant easy. The rechargeable battery will last for 3 to 4 days and if returned to the dock station every night, located on the bedside table, a low battery condition will never be a concern.

SIM card options are varied and generally very low cost as you only pay for the price of the SMS massage and unless you’re very unlucky these texts would be very seldom. Voice calls are paid for by the inbound calling party. The GPS positioning component is free to use. Other than SIM costs there are no ongoing fees unless it is also professionally monitored.

Conceptually the Safe Life Pendant is different to the traditional home based medical alarm and uses modern GPS positioning and the mobile cellular network making it a new and unique go anywhere device. Subsequently it does not adhere to the Australian Standard AS 4607 guidelines for traditional alarm units.

Monitoring arrangements are varied:

  • Family monitoring – texting up to 5 different family or friend’s mobile phones.
  • Monitoring via Winwatch Software Program within the Retirement Village
  • Professional off-site monitoring

Extra Features

* Password protected for resident security

* Works anywhere a Telstra 3G mobile phone would work

* Easy to program

* Locate facility – find a missing resident

* Geo Fencing – Set geographical boundaries for fail residents

* Low battery reporting at 18 %

* Falls Detection – beeps on activation to cancel false alarms.

& 10 sensitivity settings (individual results may occur)

* Comes in four vibrant colours

* Can ring into it as a normal phone call

*12 months Warranty

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